Sabine Vogel - solo

• „Wax and Wane“ – für Flöte mit Elektronik und Zuspielband von Sabine Lara Vogel
UA,Mai 2005:Ausstellung „RESONANCE – Echoing Sound throughout Stockholm“, Kurator: Thomas Watkiss
Das Stück lief als Klanginstallation während der Dauer der Ausstellung

“When Thomas Watkiss asked me to be a participant of this exhibition, the first thing in my mind was WATER.
Stockholm for me is water – lakes, rivers, the sea. Here you can find everything.
Water is
becoming – fading; to live – to die; the circle of life, of existence; it’s taking – it’s giving.
Personally for me to swim in a clean and clear water is one of the most intense feelings of beeing alive.

For this piece I use sounds of all kinds of water, that I have recorded in Stockholm and Sweden and wherever I was. AmeriCa, Italy, Tunesia, Kroatia, Germany...
The flute is like a waterbird. Diving, Breathing, Swimming, Bathing in the water – between the water- and sometimes just flying above it.”

Sabine Vogel, April 2005

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