Sabine Lara Vogel - Strandspiel 9:37 Loop

Strandspiel is a binaural composition created by Sabine during her visit to De La Warr
Pavilion. She combines compositional elements with field recordings of the sea, building and
environs to create an evocative sonic collage.
"Always attrackted by the sea I took the binaural microphones and the piccolo flute and went down to the beach.
I loved the sound of the pebbles, which are quite typical for the beaches of south england an so I started to play with them. Then I just was standing at sea, playing the piccolo, breathing with the waves, talking to the sea.
Later I walked always the the same distance back and forth - sometimes slower, sometimes faster - each time playing a different sound / tone on my instrument. Because of the wind my embouchure was sometimes destracted, sometimes because of that, the sound changed. It was a very physical experience. The wind took my breath, influenced my playing. I edited the recordings, layerd them, put them together to this piece."
The piece is best listened to on headphones -
and its envisaged that wireless headphones on a couple of deck chairs on the De La Warr
Pavilion balcony will be available for FOS audience to experience the work. (Lewis Sykes)

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