• „Quartz“
für Piccolo, Bassflöte und Live Elektronik (2005) von Shintaro Imai in Zusammenarbeit mit Sabine Vogel
Januar 2005: ULTRASCHALL FESTIVAL in Berlin

This work was developed for flute (piccolo/bass-flute) improvisation and electronic sound, in collaboration with the flutist Sabine Vogel. It was realized at Elektronisches Studio der Technische Universität Berlin. Almost of electronic sounds, based on the composer’s idea “sound creature”, are created from Vogel’s recorded or actual performance on the stage by using real-time signal processing technique which is programed in Max/MSP. In this work the composer tried to find a moderate but unique point in between improvised and scored music. Both of flute and electronics are performed in the shaped range of various parameters. The title suggests the sense of “transparency” and “oscillation”.

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